This is one of our premium offerings; with over 25 years experience in landscaping and landscape design East of Eden offers a Landscape Design Consultancy Service to discuss and design with you the perfect landscape to suit your needs bringing your garden to life before your eyes.

New home buyers can engage us with discussion about their property before contacting a landscaper or contractor so as to be aware of structural and non-structural aspects of the landscape. We can also be engaged if you are in the process of buying a house and would like us to give you an idea of costs to renovate a landscape or for new works to improve the property.

This consultation is primarily based in Brisbane and Sunshine Coast landscape region but is available Australia wide on request. We will provided a proposal of works and design at the end of the consultation and  the cost of the consultation service will be refunded if you proceed with construction works quoted by East of Eden. For further details or to utilise this service call us directly on 0414 366 604.

Japanese Sitting Areas

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Water Features

East of Eden specialises in a wide range of water features including bamboo water features. View more water features here. Give us a call today to get the water feature to suit your garden.

Zen Gardens & Sacred Spaces

A new addition of East of Eden; my aim here is to create a piece of paradise that reflects your chosen practice.  By definition a sacred space distinguishes itself from other spaces. A sacred space helps to focus your attention on the rituals that people practice at a place,  it make its SACREDNESS and differentiate from other defined spaces.

By designing your own special sacred space, you can experience spiritual renewal as well as possess a place of earthly enjoyment. Establish a private sanctuary for meditation in a sacred space, fill your garden with healing herbs, it does not matter whether your space is large or small, let East of Eden create the style that best suits you. Below is an example that we have created for a client training in Hung Gar Kung Fu.

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Gates made to order contact us for further details. (Click to view larger image)