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Landscape Design and Consultancy

Hello and welcome to East of Eden, home of landscape design on the Sunshine Coast and in Brisbane. We specialise in Asian and Japanese gardens, granite lanterns, water bowls and rain chains. Take your time and look around, I hope by the time you leave, your ideas on gardens will have been mentally challenged and you will leave with a refreshed and relaxed soul.

There are many styles to Asian and Japanese gardens. Most share a common quality their adaptability to compact urban spaces. Simplicity without frills or embellishment leaves the heart of the design as the main focus.

East of Eden offers a Landscape Design Consultancy Service to discuss with you what best suits you and your home. This consultation service is provided at an hourly fee and if agreed a proposal of works is produced for you. The cost of this service will be refunded if you proceed with construction works quoted by East of Eden.

Landscape design materials

The choice of landscaping materials is of great importance. Natural materials, stone, wood or bamboo, allow the garden to mellow with age. This aspect is highly revered in Asian culture, and is naturally reflected in the garden.

East of Eden is not about recreating exact Asian or Japanese gardens, our aim is to blend subtleties from both worlds. Enhancing your own spiritual qualities with that of the garden.

To be able to wander in the garden and refresh your mind, to wash away the days thoughts to lose yourself in peace and tranquility. Our collection of water bowls, lanterns and stepping stones have been formed from naturally occuring granite. These products will add something different and unique to your garden. Just some of the oriental garden features we supply:

"We have all your garden landscaping services in one place!"

  • Japanese design
  • Decking / Engawa designs
  • Water features
  • Contemporary design
  • Japanese screens
  • Asian influences
  • Bamboo screens
  • Bamboo water features
  • Stone pathways
  • Japanese gateways
  • Japanese Sitting Areas
  • and Garden ornaments

East of Eden offers a complete Sunshine Coast and Brisbane landscape design, consultancy and construction service bringing your garden to life before your eyes.

Call about our Brisbane and Sunshine Coast landscape design services today.

Mobile: 0414 366 604

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